The Genesee Valley Antique Tractor Club
was born in 1988 when several owners of
elderly tractors decided to get together to see
whose pride and joy could pull the most, the

The early pulls were held in a field on the
Carl Granger farm in Higgins, NY, near
Fillmore.  Now the club pulls at various
locations, including the Allegany County Fair
and Rushford during the Labor Day

The first few years, an old fashioned stone
boat was used as weight, but in 1990 a
weight-transfer "sled" was purchased by the
club.  A semi-tractor was also acquired to
transport the "sled" to pulls in other areas.

Many of these old "iron horses"  remind
viewers of earlier days on the farm, or of one
just like their dad used to own.  But
painstaking and careful restoration by the
owners has been necessary to rebuild engines
and bring back a showroom shine!  

Although the pace of the action might seem
slow compared to other activity, we invite you
to relax, cheer them on and enjoy!

Genesee Valley Antique
Tractor Club
Founded in 1988
Higgins, NY