Genesee Valley Antique
Tractor Club
Founded in 1988
Higgins, NY
                        GENESEE VALLEY ANTIQUE TRACTOR CLUB            

     ALL decisions of the track officials & rules committee will be final !

1 – All operators must attend driver's meeting.No imprudent speeds on track or pit area.

2 – No one allowed in the contest area except driver and contest officials.

3 – All pulls start from a tight chain. No jerking of the sled.

4 – All tractors must be in neutral with hands and feet clear of all controls while hooking and unhooking.

5 – Operators must remain seated during the entire pull.

6 – Any consumption of alcohol by a tractor operator will be immediate disqualification for the remainder of the

7 – Drivers will pull load forward until forward motion stops or is flagged by track official. PAY ATTENTION TO
FLAG PERSON  and track conditions at all times.

8 – No operators under the age of 9.  Operators between 9 and 18 years of age must have written consent
from parent or guardian and copy of birth certificate on file prior to pulling.  Operators 9 years old to 14 years
of age will pull with restrictions. JUNIOR CLASS:  1st gear, pull string on ignition wire, and mandatory wheelie
bars, and tractor front end on ground.  Young pullers with a minimum of 2 years pulling experience with
GVATC and proven capable will be allowed to pull Div 2+ with adult supervision.  PLEASE NOTE:  After two (2)
years of experience in the Junior Class, youth pullers will be considered a part of regular pulling divisions.
Junior class is for pullers 9-14 years old.

9 – No one allowed to enter a class after it has been announced as starting and/or begun.  Drivers must
register PRIOR to driver's meeting.

10 – All tractors must have original serial number plates or casting year in frame for proof of year.  Date of
manufacture will be determined by dealer provided serial number if necessary.

11- RPM'S: Voluntary checks will be done at start of day.  Recommended to be done at your first pull of the
season.  Random spot checks of rpm's, weight and drawbar re-checks  may be made anytime at the discretion
of track officials.

12- No visual engine modifications allowed.  Tractors must have stock engine, frame, transmission, rear end
and axle housing or manufacturers replacement for make & model being pulled.  Stock heads and their
replacements are to remain unchanged in outside appearance. No seven(7) bolt blocks in Olivers, no twelve
(12) port heads.  No ninety-nine(99) heads, no sixteen hundred(1600) series heads.  AC-WC/WD/WD45 can
use a D-17 engine.  IH-H 350, M450, JD-A/B/G can use power blocks. No M-M800 heads or blocks. No dual
exhaust except after stock manifold.

13 – Operators will be given a re-start if they stop before the commitment cone (60 feet from start line).  Sled
will be re-spotted. Tractor mechanical problems before cone may get a re-start.  Stop AFTER passing cone
with front of skid plate, and you are done.  Blow the horn AFTER passing cone with front of skid plate will result
in  disqualification.

14 – NO switching divisions with same tractor. Tractor can be entered only once in any class, except exhibition
only.   May drop one pull.  NO HOOK LIMIT.  Points will follow driver.  Limit of 2 classes eligible for points.  
Midway thru season, your 2 highest point classes will be chosen for your possible point championship.

15 - Insurance fee/membership dues must be paid by the first pull attended.  Hook fee is $10 for each driver's
first hook of the day and $5 for each remaining hook of the day.  Exhibition hook is $10 and tractor must be
legal for the class.  First pull of season is test pull-NO POINTS or HOOK LIMIT, but will be charged hook fees.  
Regular club rules apply.  POINTS FOLLOW THE DRIVER.

16 -   NO imprudent speeds on the track or in pit areas.

                                   SPECS  AND  CLASS  INFO

1 – Pull open to all tractors  commercially manufactured through 1958.  Tractors manufactured in 1958 may
run through their entirety.  ( JD 2 cylinder 30 series also  allowed )

2 – No alcohol, methane, added propane, blowers, turbos, or nitrous oxide permitted.

3 – Tractors may be re-checked with photo-tach after each pull.  Disqualification for exceeding RPM limits.  All  
governors will be in stock working condition.  All tractors should be checked at your first pull of the season.  
Speed monitoring devices are only permitted in Division 4.

4 – Tractor weight bars and weights must be securely fastened to the tractor.  No chains or concrete weights.  
Automatic disqualification for any weights or tractor parts falling onto the track.

5 – No weights or brackets shall exceed more than 11 feet from center of rear axle forward.  Wheel weights
and brackets shall not exceed 24 inches from side wall of tires.  No weights or brackets shall exceed beyond
rear tires.  No weights allowed above the hitching device and hitch must be easily accessible at all times with at
least 12 inches of clearance above hook point.  Aluminum weight brackets are acceptable.

6 – All tractors will use original factory drawbars or facsimile thereof.  No draw plates in place of drawbars.  
Draw plates may be used to replace clevis only. “ F” series Farmalls must have a chain hooked to front of
tractor.  All drawbars must  be mounted rigid in all directions.  Any hitch deemed unsafe will be addressed.  
Seat & steering mounts will be checked for stability and safety.

7 – No stripping of tractors to make weight. ( includes but not limited to tires, hoods, shields, etc. )

8 – Pulls are open to all commercially manufactured rubber tires ( except radials )  These tires shall not
exceed 18.4   unless original stock tires were larger.  Top cut tires allowed.  NO front cuts in Div.2.  Tractors
equipped with steel wheels shall   not exceed 18 inches in width.

9 – No tire chains, dual wheels, four wheel drives or crawler tractors allowed.

10 – WHEELIE BARS:  Must be behind the vertical line of the rear tire 5 inches.  10 inches off the ground with
a 5 inch pad. Wheelie bars must support the weight of the tractor at its heaviest class weight.  THEY ARE
REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW PULLERS.        If the tractor does not have wheelie bars, they will be allowed to pull
that day with a flag on the front of the tractor, but    should have them installed by the next pull.    
Wheelie bar
adjusters must be below the level of the axle.
 Aluminum wheelie bars are acceptable.

11 – Visual inspections may  be made of any tractor at any time at the discretion of GVATC officials, and
random RPM checks, weight and drawbar inspections may or may not be announced during driver's meeting.

12 – Automatic disqualification for any tractor out of bounds.

13 – New pullers will have a flag on front of tractor.

14 -  Pullers new to the club will have tractor inspected for safety prior to pulling. (drawbars, hitches, wheelie
bars, etc.)

  DIVISION  II                   3 MPH SPEED LIMIT    -      ANY GEAR

1 – Oliver 88,  Farmall M,  Massey 44,  MM-U,  JD-G,  Case C/D,  JD-A 1940 and up and like size tractors not
allowed in classes below 5200#.  AC-WD 45,  Massey 33,  Oliver 77,  Farmall H,  Super H,  JD-A 1939 and
down and like size tractors not allowed in classes below 4200#.  No AC-WC,  Oliver 66 or 70 and like size
tractors below 3700#.  Farmall H is allowed in the 3700#.

2 – Tractors must be stock appearing as manufacture intended.  10 % over high idle maximun.  No aluminum
fuel tanks, electric fuel pumps, fans, water pumps, or front mounted batteries.  Original air cleaner required
and connected.  No carb overhang.

3 – No aluminum or plastic shall be used in exchange for factory parts to make a weight class.

4 – Drawbars shall be no closer than 18 inches from center of rear axle and no higher than 18 inches from
pulling surface to point of hook.

5 – Wheelie bars are highly recommended in Division II.  Any new puller without wheelie bars will have a flag
attached to front of tractor to alert the flag person.  Please advise registration people & flag person  prior to

6 – Top cut tires allowed.  NO front cuts.  Tire sizes as per tire chart on back page.

7 -- Powder Puff classes have been eliminated.

8 -- Junior class will be exempt from multiple pullers on same tractor rule.

DIVISION II +                        5  MPH  SPEED  LIMIT     -   ANY  GEAR

1 – Oliver 88,  Farmall M,  Massey 44,  MM-U,  JD-G,  Case C/D,  JD-A 1940 and up and like size tractors not
allowed in classes below 5200#.  AC/WD 45,  Massey 33,  Oliver 77,  Farmall H,  Super H,  JD-A 1939 and
down and like size tractors not allowed in classes below 4200#  No AC-WC,  Oliver 66 or 70 and like size
tractors below 3500#.  Farmall H is allowed in the 3700#.

2 – Any cut on tire.  Tire sizes as per tire chart on back page. A new yellow speed cone for 2 plus classes will
be placed on track part way between the Div. 2 and Div. 4 cones.

3 – Drawbars shall be no closer than 18 inches from center of rear axle and no higher than 18 inches from
pulling surface to point of hook.

4 – 10% over high idle maximum.

5 – May have altered or shop built front ends, but must be SAFE and as close to stock appearing as possible.

6 – Aluminum fuel tanks, electric fuel pumps, fans and water pumps, front mounted batteries and after market
air cleaners are allowed.

7 – Wheelie bars and operating kill switches are MANDATORY and fenders are highly recommended.  Kill
switches will be hooked up.

DIVISION  4                                 ANY SPEED   -    ANY GEAR

1 – Oliver 88,  Farmall M,  Massey 44,  MM-U,  JD-G,  Case C/D,  JD-A 1940 and up and like size tractors not
allowed below 4700#. Any Turbo trators will be required llto run in Div. 4 and follow Div.4 rules. Kill switches,
side panels, ect.

2 – 20% over factory high idle. Olivers-7 Main Blocks are allowed.

3 – Stock manifolds.  No headers.  No pan seats.  Seat must have a back, minimum of 12 inches high.

4 – Drawbars no closer than 18 inches from center of rear axle and no higher than 20 inches from pulling
surface to point of hook.

5 – Wheelie bars, working kill switch, side panels covering motor and fenders are MANDATORY.

6 – Any cut on tires.  Tire sizes as per tire chart below.

7 -- Will use short chain when hooking to sled.  Long chain will be used if necessary to stop tractors.

8 -- Distance speed cone will be placed at or near the mid point length of the track.  Speedometers allowed.
Help is needed to monitor distance cone.  ALL Div. 4 classes are 8 MPH.

TIRE SIZES AND WEIGHT CLASSES        (200# allowed for driver)

Division  II  Classes                       Division  II +  Classes                 Division  IV  Classes  

3200#  Maximum Tire  13.6          3700#  Maximum Tire  15.5       3500#  Maximum Tire  18.4                    
3700#  Maximum Tire  13.6          4200#  Maximum Tire  15.5       3750#  Maximum Tire  18.4                    
4200#  Maximum Tire  13.6          4700#  Maximum Tire  15.5       4200#  Maximum Tire  18.4                    
4700#  Maximum Tire  13.6          5200#  Maximum Tire  15.5       4700#  Maximum Tire  18.4
4700#  Maximum Tire  13.6 (Jr.)   5700#  Maximum Tire  15.5       5200#  Maximum Tire  18.4             
5200#  Maximum Tire  15.5          6200#  Maximum Tire  15.5       5700#  Maximum Tire  18.4                             
                                                                                                   6200# Maximum Tire  18.4
5700#  Maximum Tire  15.5 (pp)   6700#  Maximum Tire 15.5
6200#  Maximum Tire  15.5          7700#  Maximum Tire  18.4                               
6700#  Maximum Tire  15.5          8700#  Maximum Tire  18.4                               
7200#  Maximum Tire  15.5                               
7700#  Maximum Tire  18.4 (new class)
7500#  Maximum Tire  18.4                                               NEW----JACKPOT CLASSES
8200#  Maximum Tire  18.4 (new class)                DATES, CLASSES, & SPEED LIMITS to be announced.
8700#  Maximum Tire  18.4

*** 8500# Class is a combined class.  This is the ONLY class where Division II & II + tractors may run together.

                               Dan Baldwin (2021)
                               Don Walker    (2023)
                               Ed  Derrenbacher (2019)
                               Dan  Metcalf   (2020)
                               Dave Rowe (2022)                                                          

FOR MORE INFO:                       Charlie  Baldwin  (585) 593-6303
                               Stan  Luce  (585) 437-2210
                               Larry Smith (585) 567-8546